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Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse - CODE OF CONDUCT

Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse stands by a strict Code of Conduct governing all coaches, players, and parents. The purpose of the Code is to ensure that all associated with Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse treat each other with dignity and respect.

We ask all parents, players, and coaches conduct themselves with a positive attitude towards each other, other teams and officials.  We have outlined these expectations below.

The Code of Conduct is a condition of membership for all players, parents, and coaches.  All participants abide by this Code of Conduct and to be subjected to the consequences of violating the Code.  It is understood that by enrolling into any Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse program that players, parents and coaches are all bound by this Code of Conduct and its validity is hereby a matter of record and is not dependent upon physical signature.

All enforcement decisions made by the Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse Board are final and are not subject to review.  No refunds will be granted to those players and parents dismissed for violating the Code of Conduct. 

All Players, Coaches, and Parents

1. Always leave the field cleaner than when you arrived.  Please take a moment to pick-up your trash and any other debris on the field or in the stands at the end of each practice or game and place it in an appropriate trash can or recycling bin.  If none is available, please take it with you to dispose of it properly.  

2. Any conduct, including abusive language and/or gestures, racially insensitive remarks, damage to property or belongings, or any other conduct that reflects poorly on yourself and/or Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse is deemed to be unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  This rule applies to all players, parents, siblings, and guests at all times when in or around games, clinics, camps, and/or tournaments.

3. Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse will investigate unacceptable conduct at its sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspensions, or expulsion, as it deems appropriate.  ANY SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A TUITION REFUND.

FRIENDS OF NEW CANAAN LACROSSE WEBSITE:  Any use of any information on our Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse Website is for the use of Friends of New Canaan Lacrosse only.  If used for any other purpose, the violator may be banned from the program.  FOR PARENTS, YOU MAY BE LIABLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S MISUSE OF THE WEBSITE OR ANY INFORMATION APPEARING ON SAME.